With measles spreading,
Ed is convinced of a new
conspiracy hunch:

The government of
Iceland is out to destroy
the United States.

Why else would the new
guy in town be aptly named
Bob Gustavson? Hmmm…

He’s clearly a spy
named Björn. And those parkas he
wears in wintertime…

His wife’s blonde hair is
braided up like Lagertha’s.
Yep, they’re Viking spies.

Ed builds a shelter
underground, stocking up for
years with essentials.
Jack, a local food
supplier, has shady past.
Still dabbles in shade.

He sells off the scarce
shipments on the side, money
straight to his pocket.

Jack gets a load of
“Pork with Juices.” This shit is
more gourmet than SPAM.

Is it even canned
pork if the label doesn’t
declare “with juices?”

Jack was Ed’s plug for
the last conspiracy canned
food shelter stock-up.

They strike a new deal
and arrange to meet. But Bob
wants in on that pig.

A conspiracy
theorist as well, he’s building
an a-bomb shelter.

Bob accosts the pig
exchange and scuffle ensues.
*Civil alarm sounds*

“The Icelanders are
invading!” Ed thinks. “A bomb
has been launched!” Bob screams.

Unbeknownst to them,
it’s a test, but Ed and Bob
flee to their shelters.

Ed’s shelter is so
well stocked, he doesn’t emerge
until the 20’s.

2020’s. He
strolls around town amazed. So
many inventions.

The government is
spying hardcore now.
Yearns to
return to shelter.

But first, a re-stock.
He hopes his plug is still here.
He walks to the scene.

nobody wanted pork with
juices. Can still there.

Although, the label
is now missing. Then, a scent
infiltrates his nose.

turns his head and sees Bob G
at the grill. Or not.

It’s his son! Elder
Bob, lounging in a folding
chair, waves, summons Ed.

They can see he’s been
through some stuff, so they fix him
a huge plate of food.

As it turns out, they
emerged from the bomb shelter
20 years ago.

Bob’s wife’s hair, now gray,
still braided. They really were
spies. Now retired.

And spend their days pig
eating fresh pork with juices
straight from the Bar-bie.

Ed gives up shelter
life to start anew with the
Gustavson household.

They crack open the
can of “Pork with Juices.” No
expiration date!