Gary, a long time
Lunchables consumer since
his grade school lunch breaks.

Ponders life as he
scouts a place to eat stacks of
ham, cheese and crackers.

Then it happens. The
existential crisis. “What
has my life become?

I am an adult
and eat Lunchables every
single day at noon.

Is this even food?
It’s like a science project
gone largely awry.

What is my meaning?
Why am I here? There has to
be more than this!” *Sigh*

Then a breakthrough comes.
Gary loves triangles. “What
if I can do more?

Like, throw this cracker,
ham and cheese stack in the air-
makes a triangle!

On the ground. Like art,
but in action.” Is Gary
mad? Perhaps he is.

Gary throws ham stack
high in the air. Triangle
(obtuse) is formed! Sweet!

Gary is giddy
with joy! “There IS more to life!”
Skips merrily off.

As he forms cracker,
ham and cheese triangles all
the way down the street.

“Look how the ham slaps
the concrete! Cheddar’s perfect
landing!” Cracker bliss.

“It doesn’t even
break!” Cracker amazing-ness.
Alas, no stacks left.

So Gary eats the
Reese’s cup treat for dessert.
Back to sanity.