Seasoned at wedding
crashing, Hannah and Chris park
in front of venue.

Dressed to the nines and
fashionably late to fit
right in with others.

“I can’t wait for the
beef tenderloin medium
rare and open bar.”

“Don’t forget the cake”
Hannah adds. “Wedding cake is
the best. And champagne.”

But something is off.
Other couples are sporting
jeans. At a wedding?

“Did you get the date
wrong?” Hannah accuses. But
tonight is the night.

So what’s going on?
A hoedown themed reception.
“Omg. Peace out.”

“No! Not without food!”
“Are you kidding? Fried chicken?
Potato salad?”

“It’s better than what
you made for dinner- nothing.”
Ouch. “Ok, fine. Eat.

But we are taking
it to go.” Out of place in
his suit, Chris lines up.

Buffet line goes fast.
Loads up plate with wing, leg and
potato salad.

So much potato
salad that Styrofoam plate
splits. But does not break.

Chris and Hannah both
rush outside for quick escape.
Their car is not there.

Yellow curb. Tow zone!
“Let’s go to impound later.”
Uber it for now.

Uber driver is
a neat freak. “No food in car.”
After all that work?

Chris shovels as much
potato salad in his
mouth as possible.

Tears into the leg
and kicks the rest to the curb.
Yes, pun intended.