Mirror, mirror, on
the wall, who is craziest
of them all? Ashley.

She wants a kiss from
her crush, Michael. How will she
go about this task?

Will she ask him out
on a date? Will she text him?
None of the above.

She will do it the
only way she knows how. The
Crazy Ashley way.

She recalls fairy
tale from her childhood: Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs.

She will poison an
apple and eat it to gain
Michael’s attention.

He will have no choice
but to pity her sick state
and nurse and kiss her.

Sounds logical, right?
Ashley thinks so. She also
thinks she’s of sound mind.

She practices some
alchemy to get dose just
right, but not lethal.

Injects apple. Takes
to go for after long day
of stalking Michael.

Lo and behold, she
encounters him on the street.
He’s looking for her!

He grabs her face and
passionately, lovingly
kisses her. Wait, what?!

This isn’t the plan!
She hasn’t even poisoned
herself half-dead yet.

Yet, operation
Snow White is a success. She
drags on cigarette.

With her just-kissed lips.
Puts cig out on apple and
leaves it for the rats.

Was it really that
easy? Of course not. You see,
he is crazy too.

Michael wants to make
his crush Jessica jealous
by kissing Ashley.

(Will his plan work? Will
Crazy Ashley find out? Find
Out soon in Part 2!)