(Did Michael’s plan work?
Read on for the sequel of
Michael and Ashley.)

Michael’s plan works out
perfectly. Jessica gets
jealous and wants him.

She starts dating him,
sending Ashley into a
jealous, crazy rage.

Crazy and jealous
make for some irrational
actions and thinking.

Ashely can’t think straight.
After apple incident,
fruit is on her mind.

Crazy. Jealous. Fruit.
*Aha moment* Fruit! She plots
another fruit scheme.

Jessica is from
Florida. She will take her
out with oranges.

Now experienced
in apothecary, she
poisons oranges.

And leaves all over
the city as bait. But she’s
forgetting one thing.

She’s forgetting that
people don’t eat random fruit
off the dirty ground.

And Jessica may
not even like oranges.
Or see the odd bait.

But Ashley’s logic
is always very flawed so
this is expected.

She’s so obsessed with
the plan that she can’t help but
tell a few people.

Word gets around to
Michael about her plot to
take out his lover.

Her jealously is
a turn on to him and he
falls madly in love.

He dumps Jessica
for Ashley. And around and
around the three go.