Sailing out at sea.
Amy the teacher and her
friends. Time for a snack.

“I’m so glad you left
class early, Amy, to sail
with us. Is this yours?”

*Holds up red apple*
“Yeah but I’m afraid to eat.
It might be poisoned.”

“Um, what?” “One of my
students gave to me. But I
just gave him a D.”

“He’s just sucking up.”
“I don’t know. He might try to
kill me.” “Over grades?”

“And three detentions-
he keeps texting in class!” “You’re
right, not safe to eat.”

*Throws it overboard*
“What are you doing?” “Fish food?”
“That’s not how it works.”

Later at the beach…..
“Dude, these seagulls are crazy.
Attacking our food!”

“I know. They only
Want the junk beachgoers are
eating, not seafood.”

“Hey, look. An apple
just washed up on shore. Maybe
the birds will eat it.”

“Nah, too healthy. Watch.”
*Tries to feed to bird* Nothing.
No interest at all.

“Go long.” *Winds up arm,
throws apple* Wind gusts. Hits girl.
Oh no! Is she mad?

Gets glimpse of thrower.
“He looks hot. Is he single?”
Found summer love.