2005 was
the best year of Harry’s life.
Like, the best ever.

He opened a new
ice cream shop in his hometown.
Sales boomed. Money flowed.

Married his high school
sweetheart, Julie. First child was
born later that year.

Lance Armstrong won Tour
de France. Harry wore yellow
Livestrong band with pride.

You Tube went online.
White Sox, Harry’s favorite
team, won World Series.

Gwen’s “Hollaback Girl”
was on constant repeat on
his iPod Nano.

His favorite film
“Hitch” was released. All was well.
Until New Year’s Eve.

2006 sucked.
Unfortunately, so did
each year thereafter.

Froyo stores started
opening and stole all his
customers and sales.

He closed the ice cream
shop and spent his days on the
couch, eating Cheetos.

Julie divorced his
broke, fat, lazy butt and took
their son with her. Ouch.

The house foreclosed and
he moved into his brother’s
un-heated basement.

2006 Bears
lost the Super Bowl. Haven’t
been the same team since.

Mariah’s career
went to hell. Harry misses
all of her old songs.

But he holds onto
magical 2005
year dear to his heart.

He holds on as tight
as possible, but after
12 years, not much left.

Except for one thing.
2005 Chicago
Bears season schedule.

Then, tragedy strikes.
One day it falls out of his
raggedy pocket.

Harry falls into
despair. Until his brother
finds it on sidewalk.

Harry cheerfully
returns to the past. His sole
source of hopefulness.