Nick has always had
a penchant for illicit
ways to earn money.

It started small, with
credit card skimming. Now he
plays with the big dogs.

Black market saffron
with Iranian spice lords.
Bougie souk status.

Nick’s expanding the
ring to US. Those people
believe everything.

Herd mentality
plays a big role. He will tout
the medical perks!

The one they are the
most obsessed with- sexual
dysfunction. Now cured!

Nick used camels in
Asia. Now he requires new
spice transportation.

He formulates plan
to make it look clean. In the
most literal sense.

Larry, the vacuum
cleaner store owner has an
open job posting.

For an accountant.
Bingo! Nick finagles his
way into the role.

Nick expertly takes
over accounting and hides
deceit perfectly.

Spare “inventory”
inflates the monthly results.
Revenue looks high.

Larry catches sight
of the financials and thinks
he’s raking it in.

Must be the vintage
Oreck he sold to the man
in the white turban.

Unbeknownst to dear
Larry, the Oreck had the
saffron load inside.

And was promptly thrown
by the wayside once the bag
contents were retrieved.

Because Larry does
not realize the books are
cooked, he thinks he’s rich.

And takes his wife, Jan,
on cruise to Bermuda. Yes,
the triangle place.

Not surprisingly,
they are never seen again.
Nick takes over store.

To be continued…..