Bonjour mon amis!
Pierre de Paris just moved
to United States.

Only in town a
few weeks and already has
a ton of new friends.

The ladies love his
French accent. The guys love how
he attracts females.

Pierre receives his
first US party invite.
Will he go? Oui oui!

Text says there will be
corn hole. Pierre is confused.
Sounds scary. And gross.

Doesn’t want to let
down American friends so
he preps for party.

Dons scarf, v-neck and
yes, a beret (but not a
raspberry beret.)

And heads to farmers
market for wine, a baguette
and, of course, corn ear.

Doesn’t know how to
shop for corn still in the husk.
Asks vendor for help.

“Monsieur! I need corn.
Which one is good?” “Cool Accent.
What is the corn for?”

“Corn hole.” Vendor laughs.
And laughs. And laughs. People who
overheard laugh too.

Pierre is confused.
But c’est la vie he thinks as
he pays for the corn.

He can’t stop thinking
about the laughter. He feels
embarrassed. Perplexed.

What is this corn hole?
Is it really that awful?
Pierre must know now.

He consults Google.
Right there on sidewalk. Oh look!
Corn hole is a game!

No corn is involved.
“Crazy Americans.” Leaves
faux pas on sidewalk.