Helen sports her green
apron while working at ‘Take
the Cake’ bakery.

But lately, business
has been down because of the
pink ‘Sprinkles’ food truck.

It parks across ‘Take
the Cake’ every weekday and
diverts cupcake sales.

Helen envisions
competitive advantage
to bring patrons back.

Dark cake and cupcake
themes: Getting Fired. Divorce. Hate.
Foreclosure. Disease.

Lots of black icing.
Unfortunately, Helen’s
boss doesn’t agree.

One look at the “I
Slept with Your Best Friend” cake and
her boss loses it.

Now she’s unemployed
and seeks a job that requires
a cute green apron.

That’s how she ends up
getting a gig at ‘Roses
are Red’ flower shop.

The job is rosy (!)
until Helen starts to see
that sales are slowing.

She determines that
1-800-FLOWERS is
the cause of the drop.

Customers love the
convenience so Helen thinks
of a strategy.

Drone delivery.
Her neighbor has a drone. But
he’s still a newbie.

On the very first
delivery, he drops the
bouquet in the lake.

Helen’s boss gets word
of the drone scheme, loses it,
Helen’s unemployed.

Again. And there are
not many job ops that beg
green apron attire.

So she weasels (lies)
her way into a job at
a local blood lab.

Phlebotomist. She’s
unqualified but has the
proper uniform.

But not the proper
stomach. On her first day, she
sees blood. Lots of it.

Her face turns pale. She’s
sweaty, lightheaded. Only
one thing can come next.

She darts out the back
door and faints on the sidewalk.
Green apron and all.

When she comes to, she
discards the apron for a
new employment path.

One that doesn’t need
an apron. Or any clothes
at all. A stripper?

No. A nude model
at local community
college art program.