Peter, Peter, deep
dish pizza eater, starving
artist and awkward.

Has a massive crush
on Molly, a regular
at Deep Dish Deep End.

He waits tables there
as a side gig (since his art
career is sluggish).

But Peter is too
socially awkward and shy
to approach Molly.

So he devises
an artsy plan in the one
way he can afford.

Free food from work. His
romantic device? Pizza
art to steal her heart.

Since pizza isn’t
his usual medium
he struggles at first.

He puts two slices
together to symbolize
union, love and sex.

And sets it up as
sidewalk display. She doesn’t
notice it (shocker).

Instead of getting
the picture this is a bad
scheme, he tries harder.

Not at being more
outgoing. Tries harder at
improving his craft.

Next up, a sidewalk
heart formed with mozerella.
That will drive her wild!

Just not in the way
he intends. Molly is peeved
sidewalk is littered.

But he doesn’t pick
up on social cues so he
goes for triple try.

He spells on sidewalk
“I LOVE YOU” with breadsticks. Does
she get it this time?

(Find out if Molly’s
heart melts over breadstick love
message in Part 2!)