(Did Peter’s breadstick
spelling in Part 1 work? Read
on to find out more!)

Molly is starting
to get concerned about the
increase in litter.

the sidewalk food outside of
the Deep Dish Deep Dive.

Her favorite joint.
She forms a neighborhood street
litter committee.

“Citizen’s arrest
for the next douchebag we catch
littering out here!”

She is hardcore. But
not as hardcore as Peter.
He has a new plan.

Construct a model
of the Sears Tower out of
deep dish pie slices.

After his shift, he
sets up outside, ready to
work on masterpiece.

He is deep (no pun
intended) in focus. Then,
Peter is ambushed!

Molly accosts him.
But then she recognizes
him as her server.

With the tower now
strewn all over the ground, he
is devastated.

Just like that, his crush
on her dissolves. And he does
something amazing.

For the first time in
his entire life, he stands
up for his damn self.

“How dare you! My food
art Sears Tower masterpiece
was almost complete!”

She cowers in fear
and apologizes. He
throws pizza wildly.

Peter is free from
the chains of shyness. And then
the magic happens.

Moly finally
notices Peter and is
impressed by his grit.

But it’s too late, he
quits the Deep Dish Deep Dive to
pursue new career.

Pizza Sculptor. No
time for Molly. He only
dates artsy girls now.