Mandy and Mindy,
identical twins, embrace
their lives in doubles.

Double duty at
Double Tree Inn and then they
go on double date.

With another set
of identical twins- Mike
and Mark. Double hot.

Double decker bus
ride then dinner. But hostess
double booked table.

Mandy’s date exclaims
“H-E-double-hockey sticks!
Let’s go somewhere else.”

They find a new spot
on the double. Mexican.
Food is amazing.

Until…Mike double
dips his chip in the salsa.
No Bueno. Date done.

This is the double
edged sword of double clicking
twins on

Mandy and Mindy
go home, double saddened by
another bad date.

About to indulge
in Double Stuf Oreos
to mask the distress.

But Mandy re-thinks.
“We are getting double chins.
Let’s eat healthy snacks.”

“Mandy, the only
healthy snack we have is gum.”
What kind? Doublemint!

They double down and
go to the grocery store.
Veggies or fruit? Fruit.

Banana price is
double deuce cents. What a deal!
They pay and walk home.

Then, Mindy does a
double take of their window
reflection. It’s time.

Mindy can’t take this
double life anymore. It’s
time to tell Mandy.

“Not to double cross,
Mandy, but I really want
to live my own life.”

Doubling over in
dismay, Mandy drops her snack
banana on ground.

Then, double whammy,
Mindy drops hers too. But steps
on it to mismatch.

In a double bind,
they go home and double dutch,
against Mindy’s will.