Case of beer. Duct tape.
Time for DIY repairs.
List of what needs fixed:

Door. Busted pipe. Chair.
Call friend Jason to help out.
But mostly to drink.

2 beers in. Repairs
finished. Duct tape is so cool.
And multi-purpose.

“What can we tape next?”
Lint on clothes? Gone! Warts? Removed!
Tape roll? Beer holder!

Oh, all the uses!
5 beers in. You Tube “How to
make duct tape wallet.”

7 beers + arts
and crafts project = not
so great tape wallet.

You Tube makes it look
so easy. Oh well. While You
Tube-ing videos….

Find funny prank of
guy duct taped to tree by “friends.”
Know now what to do.

Plan: Kidnap Murphy.
Duct tape him to street sign. Laugh.
Hilarity. Fun.

*Crack* Beers for the road.
But walking. Too drunk to drive.

Can’t find Murphy’s house.
*Trip* *Fall* *Snap* Broken forearm.
Ambulance? “No dude.

We have duct tape. Tape
that bitch up.” Homemade cast. “We
should have been doctors.”

Where is Murphy’s house?
Arm hurts too bad. Another
brewski for the pain?

No. ER. Pronto.
Abort mission. Call Uber.
Last swig. Deep-six tape.