was the year John was courting
Esther. She was hot.

But strange. Now days, some
say psychosomatic. Back
then, some said bewitched.

Plus, she had black cats.
John was convinced of witchcraft.
He turned Esther in.

Salem witch trials. She
was heartbroken over her
lover’s betrayal.

Sad, yet filled with rage.
And since she really was a
witch, she cast a spell.

Before her hanging,
she cursed the ground of John’s home.
Bad luck forever.

was the year developers
built a shopping mall.

Upon John’s cursed land.
Among many mishaps, the
sidewalk paver died.

And a painter had
to take over paving. He
was so horrible.

The pavers didn’t
line up. But no time or cash
to re-do the job.

was the year a fight over
money owed broke out.

Upon John’s cursed land.
After some bloodshed, George had
the larger bill half.

‘Twas a Benjamin.
He was off to the bank. But
then he tripped and fell.

Fell on plant toting
woman who spilled her scalding
coffee on them both.

In the aftermath
of the most recent victims
of curse, Esther smiled.