Stressful day at work.
Starving. Burgers? No. Pizza?
Yes! Giordano’s?

Not tonight. Tim just
cashed in his Capital One
card cash back rewards.

“I am treating us
to Pizza Parlor!” “I love
wood fire pie, craft beer

but industrial
chic is not my vibe. Also,
always seating wait.”

“Bike delivery!
Tiffany, let’s stay in. We
have some craft beer here.”

“K. Online I will
order. Want the ‘usge?” “And some
extras.” Ravenous.

Beefer Sutherland,
Hawaii Pie-O, Carne
Knowledge. Nacho Bites!

‘Tis the beauty of
Eating at home. Gluttony.
30 min wait.

Cut to Parlor Bar
Delivery: 3 miles in
17 minutes.

It’s easy as pie.
(No pun intended). Hank used
to be the city’s

best bike messenger.
Now honing culinary
bike delivery.

Helmet. Food strapped on.
Swerve. *Honk honk* Red light-no prob.
Swerve left. Cut right through.

Just 2 blocks away.
Cadence strong. Lost in thoughts of
biking excellence.

Car parked on street. Door
opens sudden. And swiftly.
Into bike lane path.

Swerve. *Crash* Somersault
over handlebars. Pizza
and nacho bites fly.

Tim and Tiffany-
Starving. Hank- Road rash. Bike- Wrecked
Take out- R.I.P.