Kat, a long time couch
potato, takes up running
for a new hobby.

She buys all of the
crazy accessories to
make it official.

Fancy socks and shoes,
all things dry fit, Camelbak,
and GPS watch.

She trains for weeks and
now can run a mile straight through.
Athlete superstar.

“A whole mile! I am
signing up for the race next
month.” The marathon.

more miles than Kat has ever
ran. “A piece of cake!”

Kat is clueless. So
clueless that she goes one more
step in craziness.

She wants a “thing.” Some
runners juggle and some wear
outrageous costumes.

What is Kat’s “thing?” High
heels. Any runner knows this
is bad idea.

Except Kat. She thinks
it’s novel. Wants all eyes on
her. Attention whore.

To make it even
more attention grabbing, she
doesn’t train in heels.

So everything goes
well. Until race day. She shows
up in pink high heels.

With ankle straps. Tight
ankle straps. Race begins. First
mile weird, but not bad.

Second mile slightly
harder. Third mile sucks. Kat is
not a quitter though.

She throws back a Gu
Rocktane Energy Gel. But
Gu’s not magical.

By mile 10, Kat’s feet
are trashed. Her ankle gives out
and snaps ragged strap.

Down for the count, Kat
snacks on her Gu until the
paramedics come.