Jane, aspiring
artist, plans a party. The
bachelorette kind.

Her dear friend, Kim, is
to be wed soon. Ceaselessly
single, Jane’s clueless.

Hence, she selected
a canvas tote painting bash
at Crunk and Color.

A little art and
wine sounds like a dignified
shindig, don’t you think?

But wait, Jane is a
tad more risqué than you think.
There’s a nude model.

But he’s a Bob Ross
look alike. She thought keeping
to art theme was cute.

It won’t be so cute
when they have to paint his junk.
Regardless, Jane’s thrilled.

She carefully hangs
four balloons high atop the
night’s party bus stop.

Her own hand-painted
zebra stripes foreshadow the
tone of the evening.

She turns to head home
to prepare the coloring
books and boxed rosé.

They’re for the turn-up
on the party bus en route
to Crunk and Color.

Plot twist. Kim’s fun friend,
Becky, has already got
the party started.

With the entire
cast of Thunder Down Under.
But the bride’s guilty.

For excluding Jane,
The Boring One. The girls send
some boys to retrieve.

As Jane turns, she gasps.
Along the dirty snow-lined
street, she sees hammocks.

Banana hammocks.
A troupe of them prancing her
way. She’s mesmerized.

And distracted by
how filthy the snow is. But
those G-string Aussies…

Once a prude, she now
relishes in her private
street dance performance.

Now converted to
this new form of art, Jane twerks
and performs pole dance.

(She was a closet
pole dancer in her former,
conservative life.)

Now out and proud, her
exotic dance tramples her
own balloon display.