“Hey Ann, what’s with the
bananas?” “I read in the
news that our state is

turning into a
Banana Republic.” “Cool!
Like the clothing store?”

“No, idiot!” “Then
what?” “I don’t know for sure but
I think it’s real bad.”

“So why did you buy
bananas?” “To stimulate
the economy?”

“Lame. Let’s make a hat
like Carmen Miranda’s.” “Yes!
Tutti Frutti hat!

But how?” “I don’t know,
glue on a hat?” “Too much work.”
“Let’s eat them instead.”

“PB banana
sandwich?” “Too basic.” “Pudding?”
“Gross.” “Split?” “Fattening.

“Then what?” “Banana
bread.” “Do you know how to make?”
“No but Julie does.”

“Let’s take to Julie.
She’ll make us a big loaf of
banana goodness.”

“It’s a beautiful
day. Let’s ride bikes to Julie’s.”
“Our beater bikes?” “Yes!”

“Put the bananas
in basket on back of mine.”
Riding like the wind.

Huge pothole in path.
*Thump* Keep pedaling. Almost
at destination.

Arrive at Julie’s.
Go to lock up bikes. “Where are
the bananas, Ann?”

“Crap! They must have fell
out when we hit that bump in
the road.” Now no bread.