Becky, a junk mail
crusader and neighborhood
snoop, has had enough.

Enough of junk mail
and of her neighbors who can’t
solve their own problems.

She has a Robin
Hood-esque idea to solve:
re-distribute mail.

It’s illegal and
ignores personal boundaries,
but innovative.

Only one problem-
she needs to get rid of the
existing mail man.

Or in this case, mail
woman. Fortunately, a
dog comes to rescue.

Rocky chases the
mail carrier, Pat, who drops
her mail container.

Becky seamlessly
picks up Pat’s route (that she knows
by heart from spying).

First stop, Chad’s. Becky
peered through his windows one day
and saw cluttered books.

And she knows he likes
assembly required and
allen wrench projects.

She delivers him
an IKEA catalog
for Billy bookcase.

Next up, Bob. He wants
money for a vacation.
His job stresses him.

But he doesn’t have
the cash to take the whole fam.
How will he afford?

Pre-approved credit
card offer. Sure, it’s in Rex
from next door’s name. So?

The banks will approve
anyone. It’s all about
interest income.

You’re welcome, Bob she
thinks as she heads to Gretchen’s,
grabbing next mail swag.

A jury duty
summons addressed to Gretchen.
Becky intercepts.

Gretchen is single
mother, full-time engineer
and part-time student.

She doesn’t have time
for jury duty. Just like
that, Becky destroys.

She reaches in her
mail bag of tricks and her hand
grips a birthday card.

It’s addressed to Lee,
who has rich relatives. She
can’t resist looking.

It’s from his aunt, Pearl.
She lives in Martha’s Vineyard
but is clearly cheap.

She only put 10
dollars in Lee’s card. Becky
takes it as a tip.

There are still coupons,
magazines and sales fliers
to re-distribute.

But she’s tired from the
heat and lugging a heavy
container around.

Plus, all the dogs bark
as she walks by. Annoying.
She discards the mail.

Inspired by her day,
she also discards her life
of petty meddling.

She applies for a
job at the air-conditioned
local post office.