Heidi, recently
broken up with her other
half, walks down sidewalk.

Aimlessly, with half
a mind to tell her ex he’s
half the man she needs.

With half a heart, she
wisely chooses not to. But
gets half-baked instead.

Half of the time, she
doesn’t have much food. Today
is one of those days.

Then, she gets a not
half bad idea- text pal
Holly to bring food.

Holly, working time
and a half, gets text: “Hungry.
Upside down pie, halfs.”

(Clearly?) Heidi is
hungry for upside down cake
and offers halfsies.

But half the battle
is translating and Holly
is not successful.

But there is success
with securing half price on
a cheese pizza (pie).

“But Heidi only
wants half” Holly thinks. She rips
the pizza in half.

Gives to residents
of a halfway home on her
way to Heidi’s house.

Heidi’s reaction?
Upset by no upside down
cake and half pizza.

“Where is the other
half?!” Heidi exclaims, aghast
by the mis-read text.

And that’s not the half
of it, she accuses her
of half-assed favor.

Half offended, pal
turns half pizza upside down
to appease. Same thing?

Not to Heidi, glass
half empty kind of gal. She
wants upside down CAKE.

Glass half full type of
gal, Holly recovers by
ditching the pizza.

On her way to buy
the pineapple upside down
cake and half pint drinks.