8th grade algebra
finally dismissed. Evan
timid, approaches.

2 snack cakes per pack.
1 for him. 1 for her. Now,
Ding Dongs or Ho Hos?

Bought both kinds. She loves
chocolate. He prefers Twinkies
and Sno Balls (not pink).

Reaches in backpack.
Ho Hos. (Cylinder. But flat
on bottom. Why’s that?)

Outside of school walls,
nervously approaches Rose.
“Would you like to share?”

“Oooh! I love chocolate!
But I dig Ding Dongs. I love
the sound of doorbells.

And it is shaped just
like a puck. Hockey is my
most favorite sport.”

Cheeks flush at thought of
backup in backpack. Struck by
beauty of her eyes.

Rose takes Ho Ho with
cardboard. Nibbles on chocolate
shell. Out of nowhere….

*Swoosh* Bird dive bombs head.
Ho Ho topples to sidewalk.
She thinks to herself:

“I am so hungry.
But don’t want Evan to think
I am a savage…

Eating food off ground.
I totally would do it
but he is so cute.”

Evan offers his.
She accepts. Awkward silence.
Teenagers depart.