Ever since he could
hold a putter, Dan dreamed of
owning a golf course.

Miniature golf
course, that is. He poured his soul
into this vision.

His dream came true the
day he opened his business
called: Dude, Where’s My Par?

It was a success!
Lines would form on the sidewalk
to get in the door.

It was like the club
Studio 54 but
golf, not drugs and dance.

Everything was bees
knees until THEY grew older.
The Millennials.

Golf in the form of
virtual reality
is what they preferred.

To patron’s dismay,
Dan capitalized on the
young-in’s and revamped.

He converted his
mini golf course to VR.
Mutiny ensued.

With no other course
for mini golf, there was just
one way to act out.

Baby Boomers and
Gen X started golfing on
the sidewalks and streets.

No city surface
was safe. The Mayor ordered
sign installations.

“No golfing allowed.”
You know what they say, people
want what they can’t have.

It sparked a burning
desire to golf on the
streets. They revolted.

By ripping out the
signs and using the holes for
their mini golf games.

The mayor cringed at
unintended consequence.
Problem grew much worse.

Now, the advanced in
year’s carried golf equipment
everywhere they went.

The streets were quickly
littered with stray golf balls. The
Mayor had enough.

He enforced city
wide golf ball and putter ban.
Oh no he didn’t.

Oh yes he did. But
the harsh restriction only
increased their yearning.

They were obsessed. Like
drug addicts needing a fix,
they went golf crazy.

Using anything
they could get their hands on- a
straight out free-for-all.

One Taco Tuesday,
Kenny and Carmen went out
for margaritas.

Kenny spied a whole
lime at the bar and could not
control primal urge.

Carmen was feeling
equally feisty and broke
A leg off a chair.

They went outside to
play golf. Hole in One! Cravings
were soon abated.

To the relief of
the Mayor, golf mania
was cured in due time.

Gen X and Baby
Boomers discovered trendy,
new, old-time arcades.