Jax, an aspiring
standup comedian and
a millennial.

He wants to add flair
to his standup routine for
upcoming contest.

His arch-nemesis,
Carter, won last time. Second
place not an option.

Refines his set day
and night but he wants something
extreme. Then it hits.

While shopping for some
produce. Smash watermelons
at end of his gig!

Proud of his novel
idea, he buys mallet
and starts practicing.

He is so obsessed
with concocting this concept,
he misses haircut.

And the next one. And
the next one. Soon, his hair is
long and ‘stache is grown.

Now’s time to rehearse
in front of crowd, no time for
barber appointment.

He throws on his flat
cap and baseball style t-shirt
and heads to the beach.

Onlookers gather,
in expectation of an

But they soon see that
Jax is young and doesn’t know
of true melon man.

The crowd disperses.
Robert, who is beachcombing,
stops. Empathizes.

He hates to break the
news but he tells Jax the whole
Gallagher story.

Poor little snowflake
Jax, humbled by his un-smashed
melons, sits and grieves.

How could this happen?
This isn’t happening. I
hate that Gallagher!

What if I turn it
contemporary? Oh, why
do I even try?!

Before he comes to
acceptance, an older girl,
Jenny, prances by.

On her way to teach
SUP yoga. She makes
enticing offer.

To help carry the
watermelons. Teasingly,
she calls him Johnny.

And attempts to dance
dirty, yelling “I carried
a watermelon!”

Jax is confused by
this display and doesn’t catch
the aged reference.

While dirty dancing,
she drops the watermelon.
Jax’s only snack. Oops.

In an all-time low,
he cubes up the melon and
eats it off the ground.

He makes lemonade
by telling the story in
the contest. He wins!