(Nora is back from
the “Out of the Loop” series!
Is she nicer now?)
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nora scans the site
upfrontsingles.com for
replacement beach date.

The site where people
are upfront about who they
are and what they want.

Nora’s profile has
photoshopped, filtered pic of
her in bikini.

She says she does not
judge people who put ketchup
on hot dogs. (Not true.)

She also says she
loves helping people in need.
(Even more not true.)

She finds Brock, who is
cute and has sexy name. His
bio is catchy.

It says that he is
a fashionable dresser
and a non-drinker.

He wants a long term,
loyal girlfriend and ideal
first date is on beach.

Furthermore, he does
not expect sex on the first
date. Nora is charmed.

His photo is touched-
up but Nora’s already
bought the illusion.

They plan a date. Beach
picnic. Nora goes all out
to impress this stud.

West Coast whimsical
theme, complete with homemade shrimp
appetizer spread.

She waits for Brock to
arrive. He is finishing
his date with Lisa.

He has been dating
her for a few months but is

He wants something on
the side. That’s where Nora comes
in. She looks easy.

He picks up bottle
of Hennesey to get drunk
and comfort his nerves.

He is dead set on
scoring with Nora and needs
to be liquored up.

He thinks her profile
pics are not cute and he hates
her name (and the beach).

He needs time to drink
his Henney so he walks to
the beach in flip flops.

His Adidas black
red. Red is also the hue
of his new blisters.

He sees Nora’s tent.
But the sun is hot, he’s drunk
and feet are now raw.

He decides to ditch
the flip flops. As he takes them
off, he trips and spills.

Henny and sandals
in sand, he naps in the shade.
Nora is stood up.

Sea gulls attack her
spread as she swipes for a new
beach picnic soulmate.