The Parke Family
moves into the Green Valley
neighborhood’s white house.

It’s been vacant for
years. Wife mysteriously
vanished. Husband too.

But Max Parke is a
private detective. No fear.
The house is now theirs.

But Max has quite a
few high-profile clients and
needs a safe cover.

He tells the friendly
neighbors he works as a turf
scientist. Grass man.

The next-door neighbor,
Edith, brings a fruit basket.
Max detects something.

He plans undercover turf
inspection to snoop.

He encroaches the
property line, comes upon
Edith’s lush garden.

Like, totally lush
and flourishing. But Max smells
a literal rat.

Maybe not a rat
specifically, but something
decaying. But what?

A small cluster of
maggots confirm something is
amiss at Edith’s.

It’s not Edith who’s
scandalous. She just cleans up
other’s dirty work.

Only a select
few neighbors know of her work.
It’s a tight-knit group.

So tight-knit that they
also knit quilts for local
charity service.

But they will never
give away the neighborhood
secret- The Garden.

It holds loud, barking
dogs, deer that trample nicely
manicured lawns, AND…

What about the few
mysterious “widows?” The
secret’s buried deep.

Edith’s shovel is
strong but not as strong as the
sound judgment of Max.

Things come to a head-
Edith sees Max inspecting
turf near The Garden.

She attempts to stop
him for good by offering
him special cookies.

Max doesn’t trust her
baking so he takes cookies
home to throw away.

But it’s not Edith’s
baking he should be worried
about. It’s his wife’s.

She has already
befriended Edith. Secret
recipe secured.

Max does not go down
without a fight. Edith shows
wifey the clean-up.

Edith ruins her
new, flower print gardening
glove. Discards street side.

And now she has new
apprentice. A back-up for
growing tight-knit group.

She bequeaths garden
and clean-up role to wifey,
most recent widow.