Eddie has lost more
than 15 pounds eating right
and working out hard.

Tired of chicken breast
and broccoli, Eddie wants
something different.

And tasty. Wilson,
his personal trainer, says
no fast food- ever.

But Eddie’s craving
McDonald’s so bad. It’s been
two whole months without.

“Wilson will never
find out. Just one treat.” But can
he control himself?

The answer is no.
One step inside, the scent of
fried food overwhelms.

Eddie salivates
and his taste buds beg for quick
relief of the void.

The fast food void that
has been missing for two months.
Eddie’s next in line.

Jenny, the cashier,
Recognizes Eddie. “Long
time, no see. Two months!

Can I get you the
usual?” “Why yes of course!”
No hesitation.

Eddie binges on
all but last burger and cone
during his walk home.

As he smashes last
burger, ice cream dripping down
hand, he sees Wilson.

Approaching down the
street. Caught red handed. Or not.
Makes split second choice.

Throws it all on the
sidewalk. Wilson sees Eddie.
“Hey Eddie, what’s up?”

Suspiciously eyes
food on sidewalk, but suspects
nothing. It’s perfect.

Eddie continues
to train with Wilson but eat
McD’s on the low.

Moderation is
key. He keeps the weight off and
doesn’t get busted.