Elevator dance.
That’s how Ted knew Marie was
The One. She tapped danced.

To jazzy Muzak
on the mall elevator.
He laughed. She said hi.

They were strangers, now
they are lovers. And engaged.
Tomorrow they wed.

They have been planning
for 9 tortuous months. Oh,
the disagreements.

Choosing the colors:
Ted wanted purple. Marie
wanted light orchid.

Selecting the cake:
Ted wanted yellow. Marie
wanted red velvet.

Picking the attire:
Ted wanted cummerbunds. Vests
were Marie’s choosing.

Reception dancing:
Ted likes the Cha Cha Slide. She
chooses Electric.

Ted curbs anger and
heads to the tux store for a
fitting. Ugh, a vest.

He can’t bend over
and his armpits are drenched. Lungs
take forced shallow breaths.

His eyes burn from the
glare of the light orchid. Then,
a sight for sore eyes.

Esther, another
customer’s wedding planner.
She’s holding something.

A cummerbund of
purple hue, raving about
yellow wedding cake.

enchantment. He goes home to
Marie. But that girl…

Wedding day arrives!
He goes through the motions but
his heart is elsewhere.

Photographer snaps
pictures of the groomsmen while
the girls get ready.

Excusing himself,
Ted grabs balloon centerpiece
for his camouflage.

(but probably not) he plots
his Great Escape route.

In parking garage,
he changes into street clothes
on elevator.

The jazzy Muzak
tugs at his heartstrings but he’s
focused on Esther.

He throws his camel
leather backpack over his
shoulder and exits.

The Muzak fades as
his ears hear a different
song. The Cha Cha Slide.

He rubs his eyes. There
is Esther, Cha Cha Sliding
in bed of his truck.

licking icing from yellow
cake she is eating.

Ted thinks. How did this psycho
get into my truck?

How did she find me?
How does she still remember
the Cha Cha Slide song?

But damn, that yellow
cake looks good. And too stubborn,
can’t admit he’s wrong.

He slides to the left.
He slides to the right. Crisscross.
Cha cha real smooth y’all.