Twenty seventeen
cupcake bake off. Reigning champ-
Betty Shoemaker.

Confection queen five
years running. No one ever
comes close. Until now….

“Betty is going
down this year, Damien. I
mean literally.”

“I don’t get it, Gwen.”
“Do I have to spell it out?
You will take her down.

Remember Tonya
Harding?” “Club her knee? Savage!”
“No, not that extreme.

Sabotage. Ruin
her fancy schmancy cupcakes.
Here’s our strategy:

The bake off starts at
9am. She stops at the
McDonalds right there

*Points to corner* each
day at 8:30am
for Egg McMuffin.”

“How do you know for
sure?” “Told you, I planned this. I’m
not screwing around.

As she leaves, you strike.
Destroy the goods. Got it?” “What
does Betty look like?”

“She looks like a girl
carrying a shit load of
creative cupcakes.”

Bake off day arrives.
Betty oversleeps. No time
for Egg McMuffin.

Lo and behold, Joan,
hungover bake off entrant
craves McD’s breakfast.

Enters McDonalds
at 8:30am sharp.
Joan exits. *Swoosh* *Scream*

Aftermath: Sidewalk
decor. Betty’s ‘cakes are still
intact. Wins first prize.