Don Juan (DJ), is
on a mission to seduce.
He’s one of the pros.

With sua-ve beyond
Rico himself, DJ is
ready to expose.

His new love spell that
he has been perfecting but
not yet to disclose.

Today is the day-
Valentine’s Day! Perfect for
his grandiose shows.

But today, of all
days, his game is off. His home
ready to foreclose.

But since DJ’s a
determined man, he persists.
First tactic, his clothes.

He straps on his chaps,
takes to the streets, embraces
the draft, strikes a pose.

Bystanders riot.
DJ escapes to South Side
to freestyle some prose.

His verses flow with
seducing rhythm until
invaded by foes.

Rival freestyle’ers
engage in rap battle, but
he can’t handle those.

And concedes. After
taking a nap, he knows his
choice weapon, a rose.

He tangos in search
of a lover, rose stem in
mouth. Trips on a hose.

The thorns cut his lips.
Blood trickles down his chin as
disappointment grows.

Nurse Kelly smells blood. Helping
keeps her on her toes.

She rushes to the
scent source. DJ’s high alert.
Now she’s love spell froze.

She tends DJ’s wounds,
bloody lips and broken heart.
Is it love, who knows?