Eve was just fired from
stock modeling gig. But why?
Un-“average” looks.

Too pretty for stock.
Too ugly to strut runway
or high-end photos.

Stress binge eating from
the rejection. Oreos,
French fries, M&M’s.

Ah, sweet and salty.
She fills the rejection void
with a full stomach.

She is in more angst
because by accident bought
Christmas M&M’s.

Now her snacks as well
as her life are devoid of
full color spectrum.

“Is this rock bottom?”
she thinks aloud, disgusted
with herself and life.

She cries out in woe:
“Universe, show me a sign
that I will be rich!

And a successful
stock model! If you show me
a sign, I will change.

Right now! I promise!”
Two steps later, she sees it.
Engraved in sidewalk.

$ Yes! Money!
“The sign that I will be rich.
Thank you, Universe!”

As promised, Eve does
change her life right then and there.
First up, salad bar.

Ditches the junk food.
Literally, she ditches
it on the sidewalk.

Eats healthy lunch at
Whole Foods salad bar and then
joins a fitness club.

Works on her fitness.
Fake nose and boobs. Then decides
to boost her career.

She hires an agent
who books her glam stock model
gigs. Money rolls in!