But Lucy can’t stay
away from garage sales. She
bargain shops down low.

Saturday morning,
she overhears stranger, Tom,
bartering for grill.

A Weber propane
gas grill with a warming rack.
Tom likes his buns warm.

And his grill is much
larger than the George Foreman
Toby bought for her.

Excited by his
skillful negotiation
and large grill, she acts.

She invites him to
her place for sandwiches. Her
signature come-on.

Only one problem.
Toby is her boyfriend (but
away fixing trees.)

Tom turns the tables
and invites her to his place
for the sandwiches.

Warmer buns? Bigger
grill? Heck yes! But someone is
rendezvous spying.

Bruce, a main player
on the garage sale circuit,
knows Lucy’s boyfriend.

Bruce interrupts tree
surgery by texting an
alert to Toby.

As Lucy and Tom
exit corner store with buns,
Toby accosts them.

By jumping out of
a nearby tree. Startled, Tom
drops the bag of buns.

Lucy grabs Tom by
the arm, leaving Toby for
man with bigger grill.

Bad news- Tom may have
a huge grill, but he doesn’t
know how to use it.

Lucy gnaws on a
cold bun as he fumbles with
his new Weber grill.

She misses Toby
and the George Foreman. But there’s
no going back now.

Toby had a side
horticulturalist chick.
Status: upgraded.