Karl, a Dane with a
Great Dane, works at Lego Group
Denmark headquarters.

He is shocked about
just how much food, Duke, his Great
Dane consumes daily.

His HR job does
not fund Duke’s diet, so he
dabbles in scandal.

Moves drug bricks on the
side. But his integrity
kicks in. He wants out.

In the next shipment,
Karl sends Lego bricks instead.
Then gets the hell out.

He flees to safety
in Brazil with Duke, selling
cold drinks on the beach.

Duke gets plenty of
handouts from the beachgoers.
Karl and Duke are free.

Meanwhile, the Drug Lord
is furious about the
Lego bricks. Discards.

He puts them outside
with a “Free” sign. The karmic
Lego cycle starts.

Paul picks them up for
his kids, who regrettably
don’t pick them up. Ouch.

Paul sprains his ankle
walking over tortuous
bed of sharp plastic.

He puts them outside
with a “Free” sign. The cycle
gains some momentum.

They catch Michael’s eye.
He’s thrifty and crafty. Builds
bouquet of roses.

His high-maintenance
wife is not impressed and files
for divorce. Too harsh?

Not really. He bought
his mistress the real deal and
was caught red-handed.

He puts them outside
with a “Free” sign. The karmic
loop is spiraling.

Plastic-free Jan’s eyes
burn at the sight of plastic
toys in plastic bags.

She stages protest
in the neighborhood to shame
plastic toy owners.

The Drug Lord shows up
at the protest to escape
an FBI raid.

He likes crazy chicks.
Jan is alluring. Until
the shame turns to him.

He is wearing a
pair of plastic sunglasses
with his mink fur coat.

Jan taunts him with the
plastic toys, while secretly
admiring coat.

He snatches the bag
of Legos, recognizing
the karmic cycle.

Proper disposal
is essential. He drops off
at recycling.

He keeps the “Free” sign
because he is proud of his
smiley face artwork.