Chuck moves to Schramville
because he wants to step up
his fisherman’s game.

His F150
is filled with everything he
owns. He starts off fresh.

He was sad to leave
his fishing buddies behind,
but he’ll make new ones.

At least that is what
he thought. The fisherman of
Schramville are snooty.

They jest at Chuck’s man
bun and mutton chops. Their hair
in trendy faux hawks.

And are clean shaven.
They are trout snobs. Chuck wants to
learn catching mullets.

The Trout Snobs snicker.
“Mullets are bottom feeders!”
Chuck feels out of place.

There is a skill to
catching mullets and he wants
to learn the technique.

Missing his fishing
buddies from back home, Chuck cracks
open a cold one.

And drinks solo while
surfing Yelp for fun local
events to meet friends.

Mullet Night! Chuck is
so excited he doesn’t
read the description.

He assumes it’s a
mullet fishing networking
event. His people!

He wants to look fresh
to impress so he books a
haircut the day of.

He rambles on and
on to his barber about
the mullet shindig.

So his barber thinks
he wants a mullet haircut.
Business in the front.

Party in the back.
At first Chuck is upset. But
then looks in mirror.

He falls in love with
his new ‘do. It’s goes well with
his patchy side burns.

Fashionably late,
but Chuck finally arrives
to Mullet Night. But…

It’s not what he thought.
People are wearing mullet
wigs and redneck garb.

Disappointed, he
turns to leave. A finger taps
his shoulder. “Let’s dab!”

His new friends teach him
how to dance the dab. They dab
all evening. They’re fun!

Unlike the Trout Snobs.
Best of all, he wins prize: Best
Natural Mullet.

(He was the only
contender.) His prize is a
Mullet Night Koozie.

Afterwards, he joins
his new friends at the local
beach for a bonfire.

He lost his Koozie
and mullet fishes alone,
but gained friends for life.