Mia’s favorite channel.
She loves reno shows.

Rich likes Mia. But
she doesn’t know it yet. They
met 2 weeks ago.

At Home Depot. She
was lost and overwhelmed by
the vast selection.

Recently inspired
by Property Brothers, she
scouted for glass blocks.

To replace a brick
wall in her home. Novelty
was fading swiftly.

She didn’t know what
she was doing. Then Rich came
to Mia’s rescue.

Or so he led her
to believe. Rich also has
no DIY skills.

He was there to pick
up girls. Something that hasn’t
worked well until now.

But he didn’t want
to miss his chance with Mia
so, he smooth-talked her.

And persuaded her
to let him build the wall. (no
relation to Trump’s).

“I have strong hands. You
know what they say…” She didn’t.
But she didn’t care.

Smitten by handy
men (and 50 shades hardware
store thoughts). She nodded.

The work starts today.
Lucky for Rich, Mia’s been
out of town all week.

Last week, he convinced
his friend Dave to do the work.
Price: lifetime free beer.

Dave is almost done
when Rich gets text from Mia.
Coming home early!

Just one glass block to
go but no time to install.
Dave departs in haste.

Mia is enthralled
by the new glass block wall. Turned
on, actually.

She heads to bathroom
to freshen up. Rich panics.
He can’t size last block.

Let alone install
it. He is too ashamed of
letting Mia down.

Yet, he adores her,
wants to protect her from the
outdoor elements.

He stuffs the last brick
hole with Dave’s supplies and runs.
Never seen again.