Steph’s devasted
from the bad breakup with Neil,
the UPS man.

She updates profile
on to find
the love of her life.

A ping from Edgar,
mail logistics engineer,
her heart skips a beat.

Desperately, she
forces a relationship
and gives him the key.

To her heart (mailbox).
She needs a substitute for
Neil, her mail servant.

It’s not a fetish.
Her Amazon addiction
is out of control.

She is too prissy
to get her own Amazon
parcels from mailbox.

She lives in number
4. Lugging them upstairs might
trigger her sweat glands.

Her Lululemon
knock-off pants (Amazon bought)
are for looks only.

Now she has Edgar,
Neil’s replacement, to fulfill
her mail neediness.

Kimo, the local
mailman, is a former book
store proprietor.

Amazon and their
Kindle contraptions ran him
into bankruptcy.

Now, his nemesis
is back to haunt him. His life’s
their bitch, once again.

contract with Amazon is
ruining his life.

The extra work takes
away from his side hustle
of selling mangoes.

His stand is next to
the hot chicks selling honey-
locally farmed kind.

Now, he must work late.
And on Sunday’s too! Rage is
hot and surfacing.

Next stop on his route,
#4. “This girl gets way
too many parcels.”

He thinks. “And all are
from Amazon!” Is going
postal a true thing?

Yes. He runs the truck
into a nearby canal.
Escapes through window.

Using the method
he found on Google. It works!
Mail is abandoned.

Edgar joyfully
heads to mailbox #4
to do his good deed.

But the mailbox door
is wide open. And empty.
So…what happened here?

He gets intel from
a bum on the street who knows
just what happened here.

With Greg Louganis
grace, Edgar dives, retrieves Steph’s
Amazon parcels.

But his effort is
in vain. Steph’s upset about
the water damage.

Bamboo utensils
and hammock are ruined. As
is relationship.

Steph blames Edgar for
the mishap. He tries to state
the facts. It’s too late.

She has already
fallen for Jacob, a young,
fit bike messenger.

He has an edgy
aura and nice, shaved legs. And
so unsuspecting…