It’s March 17th
and Murphy O’Tool just read
imperative text.

The head leprechaun,
Liam, is tasking him with
delivering gold.

Morning showers spawned
a rainbow and the pot of
gold needs the end spot.

Murphy is vying
for position of senior
gold pot transporter.

He knows this is a
critical task for this day
of festivities.

In serious mode,
Murphy opts for his olive
green knickers and hat.

He conceals the pot
of gold in his backpack and
heads to rainbow end.

He texts unicorn
Sparkle Rainbow Rocket but
she does not respond.

Being that it is
St. Patrick’s Day, Uber surge
is ridiculous.

He decides to walk
in his buckled shoes. Along
the way, he is pinched.

Countless times. Drunk bar
hoppers mistake his olive
green for black attire.

Feet now sore from hard
soles, his skin is now welted
from brutal pinching.

He ducks into a
Walgreens and buys a party
flair leprechaun hat.

He feels like a fraud
but at least it’s kelly green
and will protect him.

The joke is on him.
A hoodlum in the store was
extremely aware.

He spotted the pot
of gold in Murphy’s backpack
when he paid cashier.

Hoodlum promptly mugs
Murphy outside of the store
and steals his backpack.

Shamed, Murphy heads home
to break the news to Liam.
He crosses the street.

WHAM! Sparkle Rainbow
Rocket plows right into him,
knocking him out cold.

As he comes to in
the street, she explains why she
ghosted summon text.

She was taking shots
of Bailey’s to day drink for
St. Patrick’s Day fun.

She didn’t want to
fly while intoxicated,
but then felt guilty.

In her search to find
Murphy, she found the hoodlum.
Gold was too heavy.

He was too weak to
carry, so she recovered
Murphy’s pot of gold.

Flying tipsy, they
deliver to rainbow’s end.
Promotion received!