Brad, bored with online
games, ventures into public

And joins a card game
meetup. He happily totes
deck of Uno cards.

But he arrives to
a rough group of rogue members
of Gamblers Anon.

These hardcore mother
f*ckers are high stakes and are
playing to win big.

with Uno, they fumble. Brad
goes in for Reverse.

He hits jackpot and
almost gets hit upside head
in ensuing brawl.

Clearly, the Anon
group is not working, nor is
this foul card meetup.

He finds a board game
club. Next scheduled meeting is
a Clue themed party.

This new motley crew
turns out to be a board game
kinky role play club.

The game turns awkward
for Brad as Mrs. Peacock
starts to get frisky.

As things heat up with
her and Professor Plum, Miss
Scarlett distracts Brad.

The kinky Clue club
is not her forte. She has
enticing offer.

She invites him to
a board game club a la bar
crawl. Much more his style!

Colonel Mustard pulls
Miss Scarlet away, just as
Brad gets the info.

He is to set up
Monopoly at Bus Stop
9 on Saturday.

The board game crawl group
is not a bunch of weirdos
this time. Finally!

They get off schedule
at Operation station.
The battery’s dead.

And it’s an old school
model – takes D batteries.
Low supply these days.

Crawl turns into a
battery hunt. Meanwhile, the
prompt noon bus arrives.

At Bus Stop 9. Ruth
un-boards. She’s in a crappy
mood about sewing.

Her hands are small and
fragile and she misplaced her
custom-made thimble.

Alas, she spies the
Monopoly set up and
the thimble game piece!

Ruth clutches her worn
Rosary. It’s a gift from
the Heavens! Thank God!

She pilfers the game
piece and some Monopoly
cash for her new club.

A card game meetup.
They need new member. What could
possibly go wrong?