Santa hat. Ugly
Christmas sweater complete with
sound and flashing lights.

Ready for party.
Brian will be there. That’s why
Kate has mistletoe.

Perfect plan. Trap him
underneath. Steal a kiss. He’ll
fall madly in love.

Handbag filled to brim.
Lipstick, powder, bottle of
wine and mistletoe.

Bus, Uber or walk?
No snow on ground. Kate will walk.
Only 6 short blocks.

SAM coat on. Phone rings.
Digs through purse. *Mistletoe falls
out of bag* Oh no!

But Kate doesn’t see.
Sun set hours ago. Now
dark. She’s distracted.

Talking on phone. Each
step takes her further away
from Project Brian.

Meanwhile, Rachel is
en route to the same party.
Glitter jumpsuit- check!

Uber driver is
chatty and smells like BO.
Can’t take anymore.

“Let me out here” she
says. Still 3 blocks away. Walks
in heels rest of way.

“Good thing no snow” she
thinks. As she looks down she sees
mistletoe. Oh yes!

“Brian will be there
and he is newly single.
I will enchant him.”

Rachel arrives on
the scene of the bash. Full swing.
And Brian looks hot.

Kate is also here.
Her nemesis. Avoids her.
Beelines to kitchen.

Tries to look for tape
and string to hang mistletoe.
But kitchen is packed.

And Rachel has to
pee. Places bough on counter.
Heads off to bathroom.

Host finds mistletoe.
“Someone brought basil! Perfect
for my bruschetta!”

*Chop. Chop. Chop. Sprinkle*
Garnish completes bruschetta.
Hors d’oeuvres are a hit.

Long line at bathroom.
Rachel returns. Can’t find the
kiss plant. Sees Brian.

He’s talking to Kate.
Must act fast! Frantic! Searching!
Vanished. Missing. Gone.

Admits defeat and
Heads to hors d’oeuvres. Bruschetta
is awesome. Downs three.

Rachel to host “These
are scrumptious! What’s your secret?”
“A guest brought basil.

In a ball with red
ribbon. So cute!” “Ball?!? Oh no!”
Call Poison Control.