Anger management
session went well. So well that
Kirk wanted a treat.

As a reward for
his progress. His choice: ice cream.
Mint chocolate chip.

Edy’s. Half gallon.
Why not? His favorite part
of mint are the chips.

Half gallon has more
chips than a pint. Can’t beat that
chip ratio, right?

Stops at store on way
home from anger therapy.
Ice cream aisle. So cold.

So comforting. Mint
chip draws his eyes. Edy’s brand
abundant with chips.

So enthused, be buys
plastics spoons so he can dig
in on his way home.

Salivating at
checkout. Cashier makes comment:
“Edy’s is the best.

Always the most chips.”
She gets it. Kirk shares moment
of mint chip bonding.

Out on sidewalk, no
fear of breaking social norms,
Kirk cracks open lid.

Digs in half gallon
with plastic spoon. Savagely.
It’s soft, not too hard,

Just how he likes it.
Shovels a few spoonful’s but
then realizes…..

Not enough chips! Where
are they? Anger starts swelling.
He feels so betrayed.

To add insult to
injury, he hates ivy.
He’s next to a plant.

Ivy and lack of
chips throw him into berserk
rage. Wants to throw things.

What about the tricks
he learned to manage anger?
Forgotten. Blurred. Gone.

All progress out the
window, Kirk has fit of rage
on the walking path.

Bright green mess ensues.
But he keeps the spoons with hope
for more chips next time.