Rob opens Gmail
to find chain letter email.
Deletes. What a scam.

Plus, he doesn’t have
time for junk mail. He must go
to the hardware store.

En route, a black cat
crosses his path. He turns a
blind eye and walks on.

And continues to
walk under a ladder propped
on side of a house.

The bad luck curse trolls
perform celebratory
touch-down-like shuffle.

But it’s not over
yet. Rob buys hardware to hang
oversized mirror.

Once home, he drops the
mirror while trying to hang.
The waltzing strengthens.

The curse is sealed. The
curse trolls don’t waste any time
with the bad luck string.

Dog, Rocky, in tow,
Rob ditches the mirror to
the curb as garbage.

That’s when it hits him-
he locked the door but he did
not bring his keychain.

Then the black cat runs
by. Rocky chases it down
the street. And beyond.

So far, that Rocky
is now gone. In a panic,
Rob looks for his bike.

To chase Rocky down.
But his bike is gone. Stolen!
Thunder cracks. Rain starts.

Taking shelter on
porch, Rob calls emergency
locksmith. Expensive.

Sad about Rocky,
Rob ponders life over a
bowl of Cheerios.

Epiphany! He
decides he believes in bad
luck superstitions.

Acting quickly, he
dumps out Cheerios and pours
new bowl: Lucky Charms.

The rain stops and a
rainbow appears. Goes outside
to snap a picture.

And finds a 4 leaf
clover! Then, a ladybug
flutters on his hand.

Is his luck turning
around? The trolls laugh. Hell no.
Thunderstorm returns.

Lightning strikes his house
and it catches on fire. Tries
to call 911.

But he drops his phone
and it shatters. Neighbors call
the fire department.

The fire truck flies down
the street, narrowly missing
Rocky, who came back.

Along with a pack
of rabid wolves. The fire truck
swerves and hits a tree.

Creating a new
fire situation. The day
ends pretty badly.

As a result, Rob
initiates chain email
to break the cycle.

This usually is
not enough to break the curse.
but the trolls are tired.

Too tired from all the
celebration dancing to
inflict more bad luck.

An honor as great
as the president’s turkey
pardon, they relieve.