This ordinary
day, April pushes her cart
in produce section.

It’s crowded, but she
skillfully maneuvers the
trolley through shoppers.

And comes to a dead
halt when she notices a
a perfectly ripe fruit.

A banana with
no brown whatsoever. She
rushes to snatch it.

Carelessly cart swerves
right into the Achilles
heel of Desiree.

Desiree hates bananas.
And is voodoo queen.

The pain on her heel
is so intense, she launches
into French tirade.

Which is a bad luck
curse. April says I’m sorry.
But the hex is on.

Fluent in English
only, April dismisses
ranting French speaker.

Too many crazy
people out and about these
, April laments.

Desiree dances
and chants, completing the spell
next to the apples.

Once the pain subsides,
she realizes spell is
too severe. Too late.

Oblivious and
admiring her perfect,
yellow specimen.

April carries on
with grocery store shopping.
Ignorance is bliss.

At the checkout, she
grabs an impulse candy bar-
Snickers. Satisfies.

She throws the wrapper
in a trash can and walks home.
That’s when it happens.

She starts snickering
uncontrollably. What’s wrong
with me. I can’t stop!

Everybody is
staring. Maybe if my mouth
is chewing, I’ll stop.

She reaches in her
reusable tote and grabs
carrot nut muffin.

After last bite off
the top, she feels a surge in
abdominal fat.

And hip fat. It’s all
hanging over the top of
her low-rise blue jeans.

Horrified, but not
realizing why, she knows
she is what she eats.

She throws the muffin
bottom on the ground and sprints
back to grocery.

She buys Smarties and
Skinny Girl Moscato. She
braces for the change.

But nothing happens.
Desiree was hard at work,
reversing the spell.

And it broke before
April is smart and skinny.
Muffin top remains.