Richard, an old school
Oprah fan, night audits at
The Omni Hotel.

(The all-suite Omni
Hotel located in the
Heart of Chicago’s

Magnificent Mile.)
He has crushes on most of
the hotel workers.

Richard’s seduction
of choice: Chicago deep dish.
Does that seem bizarre?

I mean, he’s the night
auditor, not Don Juan. He
doesn’t know better.

Richard hunkers down
for a night of bookkeeping.
But can’t concentrate.

Outside, he saw the
valet, Bradley, parallel
parking gracefully.

His maneuvering
was perfection- just like the
DMV instructs!

Richard knows he needs
to work the books, but his crush
on Bradley is strong.

He orders Bradley
a deep dish but Bradley’s heart
is with another.

The Ferrari he
parked. He’s enamored by cars,
not night accountants.

Rejected, Richard
saunters back to his office,
while passing Toddley.

The concierge. He
knows everything. Except where
the best pizza is.

Toddley refers guests
to Lou Malnati’s. What’s the
best? Giordanos.

Toddley’s new haircut
is sexy so Richard makes
his usual move.

He orders Toddley
a Giordano’s deep dish.
But strikes out again.

Toddley only dates
bellhops and has his eyes on
the new hire, Chadley.

So does Richard. He
thinks Chadley must be hungry
from lugging luggage.

Richard eagerly
(and loudly) orders deep dish
from the main lobby.

Toddley overhears.
So does Bradley. They both have
a crush on Chadley.

Who wouldn’t? Chadley
has an awesome name and his
bellhop game is strong.

Revenge fantasies.
Toddley and Bradley want to
take down Richard’s plan.

Toddley dreams of a
luggage cart sabotage and
accusing Richard.

Bradley visions of
vehicular manslaughter.
But they’re off the hook.

Because Brockley, the
delivery boy, saves them
from committing foul.

Texting and walking,
he runs into a light pole
and drops the deep dish.

Chadley witnesses.
Compassionately, he helps.
It’s love at first sight.

Chadley and Brockley
together 4ever. The
others eat broccoli.