Rosie can’t commit
to a hobby (or really
anything in life.)

But she is hell bent
on finding a hobby she
can fully embrace.

She forces a green
space in her parking stall to
practice gardening.

She mixes color
pops of red tulips, yellow
buds amongst the greens!

With silver bells and
cockleshells, oh wait, that is
neighbor Mary’s plot.

Garden watering
and tending is tedious.
And the towing fees!

Since the green space is
in her stall, she illegal
parks her CRV.

Neighbor Mary is
generous and offers her
unused parking stall.

Rosie trade stalls and
gifts Mary with the green space.
Next hobby awaits!

Rosie detests the
aluminum siding on
her condo building.

It’s so 80’s- gag.
This revelation decides
hobby #2.

Masonry! Exposed
brick walls are so trendy right
now. Mary agrees.

Rosie loads up her
CRV at Home Depot
with all the brick stuff.

The dry mortar leaks
a bit, mixing with garden
dirt on the floorboards.

She gets home and gets
to work. Wow, this shit is hard.
Sweat drips down her back.

As she takes a break,
sipping a margarita,
a lightbulb goes off.

In her brain. Enlist
someone else to finish and
use concrete (cheaper).

Mary’s garden is
flourishing so she has time
to finish the job.

Mary completes mixed
media wall while Rosie
turns to horse riding.

Never mind lessons.
First priority, proper
attire, riding boots.

She buys two pair of
boots, one with lace accent, the
other darker brown.

Rosie hitches a
trailer to the back of her
trusty CRV.

On the way to pick
up horse, she stops at Starbucks.
Pulls into a stall.

One small problem. She
doesn’t know how to back that
thing up (the trailer).

She walks the rest of
the way to the barn and mounts
Italian stallion.

And then a horse. A
literal pain in the butt,
she ditches horse life.

Mary has fixed the
trailer fiasco, Rosie
drives CRV home.

Boots mix manure with
the residue of other
abandoned hobbies.

At least Rosie can
commit to one thing in life-
her blue CRV.

Until she drives by
the Range Rover dealership.
Buys new vehicle.

Gives the CRV
and boots to Mary, who wears
while building the wall.