Ann and Paul, married
to others but entwined in
scandalous affair.

But they danced with fire,
planning covert rendezvous’
under the radar.

How did they do it?
They had a secret signal.
Blue jeans on Ann’s fence.

Green light for Paul to
come over. Ann’s husband gone
and the coast is clear.

This arrangement worked
great until the day after
the heavy rainstorm….

Walking on sidewalk
in front of Ann’s house, Charlie
meets his misfortune.

A speeding car drives
through puddle, soaking Charlie’s
favorite blue jeans.

Panic ensues as
Charlie rushes to disrobe.
He detests wet jeans.

So much so that he
is willing to run home in
his white boxer briefs.

He is frazzled and
forgets his jeans. A passing
neighbor slings on fence.

On his way home from
work, Paul, sees signal and thinks
“Boom chica wah wah.”

He knows the drill. But
today is different. Ann’s
husband, Tim, is home.

Paul arrives, eager
and giddy. Until he sees
Tim in the doorway.

“Ann! The plumber is
here!” Tim ushers Paul inside,
Paul and Ann awkward.

Tim oblivious
as he guides Paul to problem
plumbing- the toilet.

Handyman at heart,
Paul fixes toilet (with Tim’s
tools). Then bids farewell.

Seeing Tim instills
guilt so deep that Paul ends the
trysts with Ann for good.

Ann hangs jeans in hopes
of Paul’s return but Charlie
comes back and takes them.