Scott, starving artist
and recently dumped, decides
to win back his ex.

How? With art of course!
Michelle adored Italy.
Venice most of all.

The gondola ride,
Piazza San Marco, Saint
Marks Basilica.

“I’ll paint a picture
of our gondola tour. We
passed a ferry boat.

Some passengers were
wearing orange shirts, matching
life ring on the rail.”

Scott paints day and night
until the masterpiece is
done. Bellisimo!

Carts to Michelle’s house,
frame and all. One block away,
he encounters Reeb.

Reeb the tag artist,
who is tagging a trash can.
Scott is enchanted.

“Wow, your work is so
uninhibited and free.
Just like Bansky’s art.”

“You like Bansky? Cool.
Did you paint that?” Gestures to
framed Venice painting.

Scott explains plot to
re-capture Michelle’s heart. “No.
You should roll with me.

Change your media
to street art.” Scott needs handle.
He wears just one sock.

Why only one sock?
Because he lost the other
while doing laundry.

“One Sock, show me what
you got on that green tarp.” Scott
tags tarp as One Sock.

Reeb and One Sock join
forces. Painting abandoned
as street art unites.