James just arrived to
Chicago from Milwaukee,
South on the Edens.

He’s relocating
to find ‘The One’ among 3
million residents.

Odds in his favor.
What could go wrong? Hopes are as
high as the skyline.

He hits dating scene
full throttle. He has 3 girls
lined up from date apps.

He texts Sarah. “Are
you free Friday to go to
the Willis Tower?”

“You a tourist now?
And it’s the Sears Tower. Bye.”
One down. Two to go.

With Amber, he is
more careful and invites her
to Lincoln Park Zoo.

But shows up to the
North Side in a White Sox hat.
She hides with camels.

Last shot at love is
with Nora. A picnic at
the beach seems harmless.

He stops at Jewel
to pick up hot dogs, buns and
charcoal grill supplies.

He arrives at North
Avenue Beach early to
stake out a good spot.

He puts on a long
sleeve dress shirt just in time for
Nora’s arrival.

She looks amazing.
He hopes she is impressed with
his grill master skills.

He lights up the grill
and throws on some dogs. His long
sleeve shirt is stifling.

He pulls a dog off
the grill, puts on bun and adds
a squirt of ketchup.

Everybody in
the beach radius erupts
with hot dog fury.

They ambush the site
of the picnic, removing
the ketchup’d hot dog.

(Will Nora forgive
James’ grand faux Paux? Read on to
find out in Part 2!)