(Read Part 1 to find
out how James ended up in
this situation!)

During the riot,
James is shoved. His arm brushes
the grill as he falls.

Stunned on the ground, he
notices his arm feels hot.
His sleeve is on fire!

Tending the tainted
hot dog, Nora doesn’t catch
on (or even care).

James stops, (already
dropped) and rolls to extinguish
the flames. Victory.

He lies on the grass,
defeated. A girl eating
cheese curds approaches.

Through his blurry gaze,
he can read her shirt: Green Bay
Packers. Wisconsin!

“Too bad they don’t have
any bubblers around here.
Water puts out fire.”

One of my people!
James is overjoyed. He learns
her name is Clara.

She is from OskKosh
(B’Gosh!). And she’s pretty. “Let’s
go find a fish fry.”

Clara suggests. James
gets up and sees his sleeve is
singed. He rips it off.

Walking to Clara’s
gray car parked on North Ave, she
pulls out hunting knife.

From her purse and cuts
off James’ other sleeve to match.
Sleeve is discarded.

It shows off his guns
and Clara is smitten. Fourth
time is a charm, right?

James and Clara fall
in love and migrate back to
Wisconsin. Their home.