On a shopping trip
at Target, Ruby loads up
her red cart with goods.

Red Bull, red Solo
cups, Twizzlers, fresh strawberries,
apples and cherries.

She pays with Red Card
and heads to the parking lot.
That’s when she sees him.

Redd gets out of his
sideways parked red Corvette, in
a Red Sox t-shirt.

Much to her delight,
he approaches her to talk
under red bullseye.

He offers to take
her out to dinner that night.
A red letter day!

She spends all evening
primping, while playing Red Hot
Chili Peppers songs.

Red lipstick applied
with red fingernail polish
adorned precision.

Sipping the last of
her red wine, she slips on her
best red bottom heels.

A finishing touch,
she throws her lucky red gloves
in her red Kate Spade.

(When she paints the town
red in those gloves, it’s assured
good luck will follow.

Last time she wore them,
she rendezvoused with pilot
fresh off the red eye.)

Instead of the red
Corvette, Redd picks her up in
his shiny red RAM.

Red flag aside, she
jumps in as they listen to
Kid Rock redneck tunes.

He pulls up at the
red-headed girl joint- Wendy’s.
Ruby dies inside.

She wants to run far
away screaming but the red
bottoms won’t allow.

Plus, she drank too much
red wine with no food- needs to
eat. French fries sound great.

She heads to bathroom
to touch up her red lipstick.
Lucky gloves missing!

She rushes out to
see Redd taking off, eating
a Baconator.

She sees red about
Redd ditching the date and red
hand wear displacement.

In the red hot of
summer, she searches on red
alert for her gloves.

Her search finds her in
the red light district, catching
her Redd red-handed.

He’s crossed dressed, wearing
the red gloves, tagging a Red
Eye box in the rain.

The bleeding red ink
spells “Reeb.” Redd is red herring
for Reeb, tag artist.

Tag complete, he sheds
the red gloves and slides into
sideways parked Corvette.

The luckiness now
tainted, Ruby discards gloves.
Camouflaged on box.