Homecooked meal. Chicken
parm, noodles, fresh bread and wine.
Mark is elated!

Yearns to impress Kate
with culinary skills for
enchanting third date.

Kate is the only
non-sociopath he met
on OkCupid.

Or is she? Only
time will tell. For now, he steams
veggies. Feast complete.

*Knock knock knock* Mark’s jaw
drops to floor. Red dress. High heels.
How lucky Mark is!

Or is he? “So this
is your place? *Turns up her nose*
Where’s food? I’m hungry.”

Mark proudly displays
the evening’s cuisine. “Really?
This cheap wine and carbs?”

Kate’s true colors make
grand appearance. The beast e-
merges. Not pretty.

“Can’t eat any of
this. I only worked out for
an hour today.”

“Omg! Are these
lima beans in the veggie
medley? Who eats those?!?”

“I can’t take any-
more!” Peace out. *Deuces* Exits.
Slammed door. Mark alone.

“This isn’t happen-
ing! How dare she! Please don’t do
this! Life is over….”

Or is it? “I’ll do
better than her. I’ll create
Match.com profile.”

In the meantime, what
about this meal?” “Vegetables
I hate. Duke!” *Dog barks*

“Here boy, try these.” *Sniffs*
Eats veggie mix except for
lima beans. “What the….?”

“Let’s go for a walk.
I’ll give veggie leftovers
to bum down the block.”

“Can you spare some change?”
“Something better- leftovers!
You like?” “Sure, thanks man!”

“Oh wait, what’s in this
medley? Lima beans!?! No way!”
Rejected. Dismissed.

“I guess I will have
to throw away.” *Trips and spills
veggies on sidewalk*

Maybe the pigeons
will dine. Or will they? 2 days
in a row, still there.